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Eco Friendly Hotel

The Hotel Georgia realize the impact of our choices on the environment and aim to reduce these. With your help we can contribute to creating a cleaner and safer environment.

At the same time, aiming to reduce our ecological footprint, we adopt practices such as reducing electricity consumption, use of eco-bulbs, rational use of water, cleaning products environmentally friendly and recycling.

Specifically, each recycle type battery, aluminum, glass and plastic.

  • Apply any applicable law and are ready to incorporate any new practice benefits the environment.
  • Helping to conserve natural energy sources, through the responsible use of electricity and water, taking care to keep the services at a high level.
  • We work with suppliers who adopt practices environmentally friendly.
  • We make sure that our actions have a duration, be renewed and communicated to all staff of the hotel.
  • Each winter, the volunteer group hotel Agriculture Clean the beaches and trails of our area.

Examples of our actions

We recycle paper, plastic, glass, cooking oil, toner printers, fluorescent bulbs, batteries.

Saving energy:

  • Controlling the consumption of gas and electricity on a weekly basis
  • Using energy saving bulbs
  • Installing magnet system in each room to not operate the air conditioning and lights when not in the room.
  • Replacing towels when requested by the customer

Reduce water consumption by installing:

  • specific flushing toilets
  • mechanisms of pressure increase and decrease the amount of water flow in each tap.
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