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The Cretan diet is not only dishes arrayed on the table hides a philosophy of life refers to the way of life of the Cretans, which encompasses the entire food culture.

The Cretan diet is a diet healthy and tasty, recipes that reach nowadays than centuries ago but with modern creative interventions, but always made with high quality pure Cretan products of the blessed land. The winners will visit places of focus, whether it’s modern contemporary restaurants in cities or small taverns and cafes in the region will experience unforgettable experiences, become partakers of the “welfare” of the residents.

The inhabitants of this welcoming place, over the years, learned to honor their guests with hospitality for them is not just a habit, but tender.

In this context of offering sacred hospitality has the ancient dietary habits of Cretans that generously offers Cretan earth: oil, wheat, wine, honey, herbs and aromatic plants are the basis for the Cretan cuisine, which in recent years lengthy scientific studies show its healthy properties and nutritional value.
In all areas of Crete, not only in the tourist areas, but also in the villages inland are many wonderful opportunities for visitors to enjoy both the wonderful Cretan cuisine, offered in numerous taverns and traditional spaces.
Place rich in images, tastes and scents, the ‘Crete has excellent local products, using excellent materials of Cretan nature and maintaining traditional recipes and methods for their production.

Where, then, you find yourself, even in the mountain village of Crete, be prepared that you will find someone to treat you, even in isolated cafe. Do not say no to the experience to taste wine or raki with divine handmade cheeses and bread, fresh salad or a stew that will provide you with joy housewife. The truth is that the flavors will make you want to come back to the island soon!

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