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“DAYS OF TOURISM” – World Tourism Day (September 27)

The World Tourism Day is celebrated by the Regional Unit Heraklion brilliantly. Are there events in several areas centered on the city of Heraklion and particularly squares Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, Agios Titos, Kallergon, Liberty Square and St. Catherine Square.

The musical events with the participation of major artists and bands of Crete and the exhibition of traditional products and folk art with the participation of about 300 exhibitors are the main activities of these days. In the square there is the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion treat visitors to the city with the participation of tourism stakeholders. This year is dedicated to the anniversary of 100 years since the Union of Crete with Greece.

“RUN GREECE – Heraklion” – APRIL

The Run Greece, playing the new institution established by the Athletics Federation in cooperation with regions and municipalities in 5 cities of Greece, aims to promote a different way of life. Includes: Games 5km, 10km, and children 600-1200m. It is a very important, unique sporting event that will motivate children and adults to engage in mass athletics, and simultaneously will display the entire island.

Race Pierra Creta- MARCH

The race was started from the love and passion of some few tens of friends who have the sport on the island. Embraced as an idea from others and by ERA Heraklion and from local communities to the root of the mountain and now we are ready for the first event. Our goal is a fight that will not have anything to envy to the organization level by respective matches in Greece and abroad and who will enchant participants with the whole package mountain – ski – accommodation – fun. Our vision is to become an institution and is organized every year in different locations and mountains of our island, and eventually established as a race sport advertising and the place where the international participants will far exceed the national and local.


The Matala Festival which takes place in the region Matala, Crete (southern Crete) is an international cultural event for all ages. It is a journey back in time to the music, arts and literature, on the 1960s and 1970s until today. More than 200 artists, musicians and scholars participating in a 3-day-celebration full of color, culture and artistic expression. This is the first festival in Greece with free entrance to the public at all concerts, which began in 2011 and aired in more than 140 television channels worldwide and reported more than 50,000 times in international journals.


The “Houdetsi Festival” is a celebration of music, food and art made Houdetsi, a small village located 23 km south of Heraklion. The last three years who visited the place more than 5,000 Greek and foreign visitors.

The Houdetsi is an international attraction music since there is the “Labyrinth Musical Workshop” organized numerous seminars over the past 10 years. The “Houdetsi Festival” which is one of the activities of the Music Workshop is an initiative of Ross Daly who is the artistic director of both.

“IRAKLEIO- SUMMER” 1 July- mid September

The “Heraklion-Summer” is the annual festival of the Municipality of Heraklion residents and visitors alike have the opportunity to participate in a celebration of music, dance and visual arts. If you prefer to enjoy the symphony orchestra Heraklion or pentozali a dance to the sound of the lyre, there is always something to do, somewhere that you can join. For more information:

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