If you are looking for standard double rooms in Heraklion then book hotel accommodation in Georgia give you the 'color' of Cretan hospitality. Stylish and comfortable each room is attended with great style in earthy colors.

  • Satellite TV, Video channel
  • Direct dial phone
  • Internet Wi-Fi (free of charge)
  • Hairdryer
  • Room Service
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Safe in the room (on request)
  • Mini bar
  • Tea set with coffee-kettle
  • Lap -top with extra charge
  • Adjustable stand-alone A / C


1. Holy Trinity-Catholic
2. Agia Irini Gorge
3. Paleochora pocket knife
4. National Park of Samaria
5. Gavdos
6. Douliana-Gavalochori
7. Top of Gigilos
8. Agia Roumeli Agios Ioannis
9. Canyon Polyrinia
10. Sasalos-Makronas
11. Kastamonitsa-Selakano
12. Selakano-Royal
13. Royal-Papagianades
14. Papagianades-Kato Zakros
15. Akolyta-Zaros
16. Nida-Zaros
17. Zaros-Assites
18. Upper-Assites Archanes
19. Archanes-Agarathos
20. Agarathos-Kastamonitsa
21. Kallikratis-Argyroypoli
22. Argyroypoli-Agkouseliana
23. Agkouseliana Caves
24. Spili-Gerakari
25. Gerakari-Aplytra
26. Armeni-Arkadi
27. Aplytra-Nida
28. Fragokastello Peach Bottom
29. Peach-Agios Konstantinos
30. Agios Konstantinos-Armeni
31. Arkadi-Garazo
32. Garazo-Anoghia
33. Anoghia-Nida
34. Nida-Zaros


1. Gorge
2. Imbros Gorge Sfakia
3. Agia Irini Gorge Sfakia
4. Aradaina Gorge Sfakia
5. Canyon Elygias
6. Canyon Trypitis
7. Gorge Diktamos
8. Canyon Therissou (Eleftherios Venizelos)
9. Canyon ruins (Sassalos)
10. Gorge Prasse
11. Gorge Kavi or Ilingas
12. Gorge Asfendou
13. Gorge Kallikratis
14. Canyon Ledger
15. Kourtaliotiko Canyon
16. Gorge Kotsyfos
17. Patsos Gorge
18. Prassano Canyon
19. Arkadi gorge
20. St. Anthony Gorge
21. St. Nicholas Canyon Zaros
22. Gorge Astrakiano
23. Gorge Astritsi
24. Gorge Kalo Chorio
25. Gorge Knossano
26. Gorge Kounaviano
27. Gorge Havgas
28. Gorge Mylonas
29. Gorge Sarakinas
30. Gorge mesons
31. Gorge of Ha
32. Canyon Vine
33. Rosa Gorge
34. Gorge Spiliotissa
35. Gorge Lower Astrakhan
36. Gorge MARIDAKI


The Cretan diet is not only dishes arrayed on the table hides a philosophy of life refers to the way of life of the Cretans, which encompasses the entire food culture.
The Cretan diet is a diet healthy and tasty, recipes that reach nowadays than centuries ago but with modern creative interventions, but always made with high quality pure Cretan products of the blessed land. The winners will visit places of focus, whether it's modern contemporary restaurants in cities or small taverns and cafes in the region will experience unforgettable experiences, become partakers of the "welfare" of the residents.

The inhabitants of this welcoming place, over the years, learned to honor their guests with hospitality for them is not just a habit, but tender.

In this context of offering sacred hospitality has the ancient dietary habits of Cretans that generously offers Cretan earth: oil, wheat, wine, honey, herbs and aromatic plants are the basis for the Cretan cuisine, which in recent years lengthy scientific studies show its healthy properties and nutritional value.
In all areas of Crete, not only in the tourist areas, but also in the villages inland are many wonderful opportunities for visitors to enjoy both the wonderful Cretan cuisine, offered in numerous taverns and traditional spaces.

Place rich in images, tastes and scents, the 'Crete has excellent local products, using excellent materials of Cretan nature and maintaining traditional recipes and methods for their production.

Where, then, you find yourself, even in the mountain village of Crete, be prepared that you will find someone to treat you, even in isolated cafe. Do not say no to the experience to taste wine or raki with divine handmade cheeses and bread, fresh salad or a stew that will provide you with joy housewife. The truth is that the flavors will make you want to come back to the island soon!


1. Cydonia
2. Fortress Bastion
3. Falasarna
4. Tarra
5. Gavdos
6. Polyrrinia
7. Elyros
8. Lissos
9. Aptera
10. Stylos, location Azoires
11. Hyrtakina
12. Castle Gramvousas
13. Fort Frangokasteilo
14. Stylos Tholos Tomb
15. Tholos Tomb Prison
16. Tholos Tomb in Maleme
17. Early Minoan Tomb New Rum
18. Minoan Villa Nerokourou
19. Eleutherna
20. Armeni
21. Monastiraki
22. Lappa
23. Syvritos
24. Axos
25. Apodoulou
26. Crucified
27. Ideon Andron
28. Small baths
29. Knossos
30. Phaistos
31. Palace of Phaistos
32. Gortyn
33. Malia
34. Tílisos
35. Amnisos
36. Archanes
37. Necropolis in Phourni Archanon
38. Royal Manor Trinity
39. Minoan Villa of the Lilies
40. Minoan Villa Vathypetro
41. Temple of Aesculapius in Levina
42. Zakros
43. Spinalonga
44. Gournias
45. Vasiliki Ierapetra
46. Koufonisi, Crete
47. Roman Villa Makrigialos
48. Minoan Villa Makrigialos
49. Fort Kazarma
50. Temple of Mars Venus Lenika
51. Windmills Seli Vine - Lassithi Plateau
52. Palekastro
53. Lato
54. Petras
55. ellipsoid House Hamezi
56. Old Stone Elementary School
57. Bridge Kryopotamou Myrtos
58. Fountains Kritsas
59. Community Fountain Houmeriako
60. Minoan city Kommos



Holidays in Amoudara

The beach Amoudara is a huge beach that starts 1km west of Heraklion city center and reaches the mouth of Almyros, 7km west. Amoudara is now a suburb of Heraklion, which has been developed mainly because of the huge beach.
The beach of Amoudara, as the name indicates, is a long beach with fine brown sand. It's so great that there are options for everyone, from those who want a lot of people to those who do not want at all.

Along the coast there are organized beach with sun beds, umbrellas, beach bars, lifeguards, showers, locker rooms, and water sports that you can imagine. At the mouth of the river there Almyros group windsurfing Heraklion. In the evening, the center of the beach (6km west of Heraklion) full of life, and in the area there are many options for entertainment.

Spend an unforgettable holiday in Amoudara hotel in Georgia!




The extremely beautiful and interesting terrain of the land continues below the present level of the sea with canyons, cliffs, vertical walls, meadows, caves and shipwrecks waiting hidden beneath the surface.

The rich waters of the Atlantic, that feed the Mediterranean, losing much of their nutrients and evaporated to reach here. As a result we have one oligotrophic, with high salinity water. This means smaller populations of species, but does not affect the biodiversity and offers exceptionally clear waters with visibility much better than world renowned diving destinations.

The morphology and the relatively small area of the Mediterranean make it virtually absent for divers tides and the resultant of these strong currents, offering ideal conditions for pleasant diving experience. Still, the temperature is high all year round with an average around 20 degrees Celsius.


It is not easy to find cycling destination as the multifaceted Crete: cool summers rovoliseis at sea, mild winters to wear waterproof and hide in the fog, spring bursting with scented hillsides of flowering shrubs celebrating the beehive, colorful autumn rains for to discover forgotten pomegranates.

Endless dirt roads to be cultured visited hills, low traffic asphalt roads linking villages inland, hundreds of canyons leading to hidden beaches that await you, the cafe in the square under the plane tree omelettes, the cauldrons which distils the valuable raki to treat the passer and anantranisei to understand that beyond the livelihood Tourism welcoming Crete still exists and welcoming with a smile of understanding.


One of the most exciting adventures in Crete is exploring the island in an off-road vehicle. The Jeep Safari tour offers you the best of the best: open-top jeep vehicles for unobstructed views of the valleys, mountains and other cultural highlights. They take you to the hard-to-find places and away from the crowds for spectacular views and the excitement of traveling off-road in the unique landscapes of Crete - all in one day!


Windsurfing in Crete

Ideal winds, seas and instructors expect all of you who wish to do windsurfing Crete - one of the best places for learning and training in this exciting water sport.
Lessons and equipment hire are available for all levels, from beginner to advanced. You will have access to high quality services, with surfboards art lessons by qualified coaches.
So Welcome to paradise of windsurfing - Welcome to Crete


Wonderful paths formed over time by the climate and the biography of the island and many are preserved ancient trails: follow the natural mountain, passing through villages, monasteries and streams.

Unique is the experience of hiking, especially in the spring where the Cretan landscape turns into a riot of colors from the flowers and bushes.


The bar of the hotel is the ideal place for relaxation where you can enjoy drinks, cocktails and gourmet snacks from the delicious Daily Menu of the hotel, accompanied with music from exotic and cosmopolitan destinations.

There is a fully equipped bar where you can enjoy your favorite drinks, the traditional home made raki, ouzo and the gorgeous cocktails accompanied by local snacks that are awaiting to tempt you.

In the Bar prestigious brandies, selected wines, a wide variety of drinks and tasty appetizers, offer a relaxed tone.


Restaurant Mama Georgia

Most summer restaurant in Crete

Mama Georgia is the treasure of our hotel ...... inspired by his grandmother and continues from marrying a mama Georgia circumstances mastery Cretan herbs with olive oil .......

On the terrace with lovely sea views, white elegance meets the green of the garden, while minimal options and continue the beautiful hall where earth tones complement a tasteful environment. The atmosphere lighter noon is very romantic evenings under the stars.

The cuisine is creative Mama Georgia: Greek and Cretan flavors off through wonderful recipes and exceptional raw materials. And because of a restaurant in Crete, can not miss the delights of the sea, the mama Georgia is famous for its fresh fish and seafood.

The culinary delights continue and dessert, the pastry chef curates sweet temptations like chocolate souffle, panacotta with fresh strawberry sauce or almond mousse combined with the traditional cake.

Also, for those who pay special attention to nutrition and health-conscious products are low fat and fresh juices and smoothies.


Cretan cuisine is universally considered one of the healthiest. Local products are unparalleled in terms of taste, freshness and authenticity, you definitely enjoy every product will taste. Being a part of particular geomorphology, with steep hills and mild climate, Crete has developed a well-known tradition of offering incredible products from the fertile soil of the blessed. Fish, vegetables and herbs, vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, legumes, meat and -of course- honey, raki and wine is what makes the island popular worldwide.

However, olive oil is what really characterizes perfectly the island as a blessed place. Approximately thirty million trees producing this internationally recognized and award-winning elixir! Experienced locals will help you choose from the dozens of gifts of nature, and will give you the opportunity to taste the delicious flavors of Crete, which now combines tradition with modernity, resulting in some of the most delicious and wholesome foods that have ever tried!


When we decided to build Hotel Georgia, we had no choice but to bear in mind and imagine the kind of hotel that we, as visitors, we enjoyed like a friend's house where we spent our holidays.

Being a family that has grown and nurtured in the classical sense of the Cretan hospitality, we have always prioritized what satisfies people more genuine and unpretentious sense of hospitality as we learned grandfather to grandfather. Therefore, Georgia hotel has been built to provide a place where repetitive quests- friends will come to meet again among friends in a familiar environment that everyone knows their name. The vast Cretan Sea with heavenly waters, the vast Greek sky, the green environment and the hospitality of the locals will undoubtedly fill your favorite holiday, and our hotel will certainly accommodate the Greek ... Your Dream!

It is the ideal destination for your holiday in the largest island in Greece, whether you are a family who wants to spend some quality time, or a lovely couple looking for some romantic moments or a group of friends who plan to make their holiday a memorable experience. The Georgia Hotel in Heraklion located in an ideal position from which to make excursions across the island and explore the great venues of our island.


Super Coctails & Cool Music
Fresh fruit juices and most refreshing summer cocktails to the sound of merry music, poolside: you're at the Pool Bar of the Hotel Georgia. And to whet your appetite even more, here's some of the countless cocktails that our bartender Stella can prepare:

Perfect Love
Vodka, Parfait Amour, Lime, Lemon Juice

Strawberry Daquiri
Rum, Strawberry Liquor, Lemonade

Vodka, Cointreau, Lemon Juice, Lemonade

Shady Lady
Tequila, Melon Liquor, Orange, Pineapple & Peach Juice

Captain Cook's
Whisky, Blue Curacao, Lemonade

Sex on the Beach
Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange juice, grenadine

Pina Colada
Rum, batita, malibou, ananas


The outdoor pool at Hotel Georgia

From a summer hotel could not miss the pool, right? An outdoor fresh water, ideal for swimming and a cool dip. Special machines to ensure the water is clean every day. Comfortable loungers and shady umbrellas - free of charge - we will accommodate for relaxation and sunbathing. The pool bar beside preparing refreshing cocktails and the sun shines. At last summer! Thinking of something better?

The outside jaccuzzi at Hotel Georgia

Just beside the pool, enjoying a Jacuzzi awaits you. Relax and why not enjoy a cocktail. You're on holiday!


The Hotel Georgia realize the impact of our choices on the environment and aim to reduce these. With your help we can contribute to creating a cleaner and safer environment.

At the same time, aiming to reduce our ecological footprint, we adopt practices such as reducing electricity consumption, use of eco-bulbs, rational use of water, cleaning products environmentally friendly and recycling. Specifically, each recycle type battery, aluminum, glass and plastic.

  • Apply any applicable law and are ready to incorporate any new practice benefits the environment.
  • Helping to conserve natural energy sources, through the responsible use of electricity and water, taking care to keep the services at a high level.
  • We work with suppliers who adopt practices environmentally friendly.
  • We make sure that our actions have a duration, be renewed and communicated to all staff of the hotel.
  • Each winter, the volunteer group hotel Agriculture Clean the beaches and trails of our area.

Examples of our actions

We recycle paper, plastic, glass, cooking oil, toner printers, fluorescent bulbs, batteries.

Saving energy:

  • Controlling the consumption of gas and electricity on a weekly basis
  • Using energy saving bulbs
  • Installing magnet system in each room to not operate the air conditioning and lights when not in the room.
  • Replacing towels when requested by the customer

Reduce water consumption by installing:

  • specific flushing toilets
  • mechanisms of pressure increase and decrease the amount of water flow in each tap.


1. What time can I check-in and check-out;
The check-in is at 14:00 and check-out is at 12:00 noon.

2. File the possibility of early check-in and late check-out;
Ai, based upon availability and timely communication with the reception.

3. What time is flying from Piraeus to Heraklion?
All year steadily made departures from Piraeus to Heraklion at 21.00 and 21.30 in the evening. For additional services, which are more dense summer, can be obtained from your agency.

4. How far is the hotel from the port?
The Georgia hotel is just 3 km from the port of Heraklion. More information on the location of the hotel you can get from the site pages on our site.

5. Where can I rent a car?
You can contact the reception of our hotel and to arrange what you need. The rental car will be waiting at the hotel entrance.

6. The hotel has an elevator?
The hotel has an elevator Georgia.

7. Do all rooms overlooking the sea?
Almost all of our rooms have lovely sea views.

8. I can not bear the intense noise. I will have in my room quiet need?
You will have no problem. The rooms and the whole hotel has excellent insulation and the surrounding area is not particularly noisy. In addition, the doors and windows of the rooms have double glazing for even better sound insulation.

9. It's too hot? The rooms have A / C; You need to have constantly running?
They all our rooms have air conditioning. Apart from the case of heat, which is rather rare, when you need the A / C, here in Crete and Hotel Georgia have beautiful climate. If you leave the balcony door open to your room, you will usually need as much coolness.

10. We want to get to our children. You will find a spot in your hotel?
The Georgia hotel is ideal for family holidays with children. Located right on the beach with beach bar with meticulous snack for snack time, the menu of the restaurant you will find a variety of dishes, suitable for children, and all rooms have a fridge where you can maintain cool basic necessities, such as milk, water and fruit.

11. We come with our child. Holds 3rd bed in a double room?
Yes, the double bed rooms fit for 1 child.

12. If I need something to eat late at night or I need some milk for the child, what is available?
The Lobby bar are open 24 hours and offers include sandwiches, drinks and juices.

13. I do not want to make just sunbathing on my vacation. What else can I do to your hotel?
You can book tours organized or not in Crete.